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Book review – The Chimp Paradox Experience

Book review – The Chimp Paradox Experience

‘You can’t choose the chimp you’re dealt with, but you can choose how and when your chimp plays a part in your life’

I wanted to use my blog to write a small book review on The Chimp Paradox. My reason for highlighting that this will be a small, brief review, is that no amount of words can give this book the recognition it deserves. 

I’d like to share my personal experience on how the chimp paradox has already influenced and changed my life.

Before reading The Chimp Paradox, personal development was never something I had been taught. More importantly, I had never even been made aware of personal help methods; which I find absolutely insane. Think back to all of the pointless things they teach us at school, personal development should certainly be a priority lesson.

This book was recommended to me by a client of mine, she observed that my chimp was in complete control, and that the way I had been wired as a child was now effecting my adult choices.

First of all ‘Chimp’

What on Earth was my chimp and how on earth was it ruling me?

I was fascinated and keen to learn more, after all, none of us like the feeling of being out of control, or not feeling like our choices are our own. I have this feeling far too often.

“The power of emotions and the chimp’s reaction to them” 

The problem is the chimp’s ability to make us feel like our impulsive, over reactive, emotional state is who we are, and that is extremely overpowering.

When we’re referring to our chimp it’s also known as our ego, what I learned with this book is the use the term chimp is to be more relatable, to help us understand our ego and the way it can sabotage us. 

The Chimp Paradox uses a simple analogy to help you take control of your emotions and act in your own best interest, whether it’s in making decisions, communicating with others, or your health and happiness. 

Overall, The Chimp Paradox helped me gain emotional awareness, understanding that just because I was bought up on certain beliefs, it doesn’t mean I have to continue or remain programmed in these particular ways. I have the power and control to make changes that benefit my life and my overall happiness. 

The Chimp Paradox has kick-started my journey in grounding myself and becoming more self-aware, I will definitely be growing my self-growth and development book collection after this. 

If like me, you’ve always found how you respond to your emotions to be unruly almost like an emotional hangover, then it may just be your chimp taking control over you. 

Let this book be the start to your personal development journey, you won’t look back. 

Thanks for reading

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