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The Undefinable

Sadie's Journey


Sadie Gibbs is a pro wrestler, model and former gymnast.

She is best known for her appearances in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in the United States & World Wonder Ring Stardom in Japan. Sadie also competed in figure competitions during her early 20s to help grow her fitness business which has now evolved into a holistic coaching business called Undefinable Living.

“You aren’t defined by who you think you are your defined by who you want to be”

Sadie is an entrepreneurial women always striving towards her own goals and helping others also do the same.

Something Sadie believes strongly in is that we aren’t defined by our past or who we are now, what defines us is who we’re working on becoming, that’s what will change our lives.

I’ll always live and love undefined.

Sadie now works with brands in partnerships and collaborations, with ambitions of landing many modelling campaigns. Sadie has also recently launched her very own podcast “REMAIN UNDEFINABLE” where she plans on uplifting and sharing others ambitions and tenacious spirit in becoming who they want to be, and the resilience needed to reach milestone.