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Procrastination, Perfection & Me.

Procrastination, Perfection & Me.

I did it. I finally started my very own blog. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time now, but I let procrastination get the better of me.

In all honesty, I believe that procrastination is the ultimate demon, it holds us back and makes us give in to our fears. Procrastination creates mental blocks, limitations and forms a false facade that creates excuses for why we’re not doing the things that we want to.

For me procrastination is the fear of things not being perfect, not meeting my own expectations and ultimately failing. The irony is, surely the biggest failure is not trying, right?

Not many people know that I have dyslexia, which is why it is probably noticeable that my academic side is most certainly not my strongest; however I enjoy writing, so why not!

It just means that I’ll have to get someone to proof-read my blogs before I share with you all.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to be great at everything when it comes to your life, and yourvision. Take a minute to look around you and you’ll realise that the people you surround yourself with might just have the tools you need to fill those gaps. Its’ called teamwork.

You don’t have to struggle to do it all on your own, that’s something I’ve had to learn the hard way, time and time again.

Your imagination, our creation

So, hello and welcome to my blog, by (my), I mean Sadie Gibbs’ blog. Here I’m going to talk about my experiences and perspectives towards life, that can be anything that helps create a more peaceful, successful, and well balanced lifestyle and mindset; you can expect a lot from my blogs, as I certainly like to make life more complex than it needs to be.

Whatever it may be, whatever you’re umming and arghingabout, STOP! And just START!

Break through the barriers your mind has created, which has now become an extreme case of procrastination and self-doubt.

Perfection really is a dream killer, it holds so many people back from going after what it is they want for themselves and their lives, just because it might not be ‘perfect’…

Well I hate to break it to you, but take it from someone who is a perfectionist, your idea of ‘perfect’ might never meet someone else’s ‘perfect’, and that’s ok. So, why not do it anyway? You’ll know that you’re being genuine and authentically true to yourself, and over time the message you want to put across, either to yourself or to others will be there, loud and clear.

Something I always say to my community:

You aren’t defined by who you think you are, you’re defined by who you want to be.

Remember JUST START! A small step in the right direction, is still a start.

Thanks for reading

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