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I’m Sadie Gibbs, your personal trainer. I am based within London and Kent,where I take early mornings,pre-work clients and others sporadically during the day. I also run park based group sessions in Kent,early evenings and weekends,subject to demand.

My approach is tailored to individual clients. I train people of all ages from sixteen to over sixties, complete beginners, athletes and everything else in between. your sessions will be tailored to your needs and abilities. If you are completely new to fitness,lacking in confidence and frankly terrified of the gym I’ll take you through step by step at your own pace and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in terms of Confidence and well-being in just a few sessions.If you’re already confident and consistent within your training, I can push you to achieve more and assist with any goals you may be doubtful about setting.

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I have been training since the age of four, as a competitive gymnast in which I competed at a regional/elite standard; I was also fortunate enough to compete internationally within gymnastics.
In my early teens I professionally assisted coaching children in gymnastics; from the age of fourteen I was a competitive track and field athlete, competing at Kent level in both pole vault and hurdles.
I then qualified as a personal trainer as soon as I turned sixteen. I now train using a combination of resistance training and aerobic/anaerobic cardio,using my athletic background to my advantage during my own training and my clients sessions. I started to compete in physique competitions within 2012, since then it has became my lifestyle I fell in love with the dedication and Discipline it requires and the consistency within improving aesthetically and mentally, it became an addiction for me.

The main reason I wanted to work within the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer is to inspire others to not only fall in love with the lifestyle and allow it to become part of their daily routine; I wanted to show people,if your anything like me and feel the need for constant improvement/progression,along with feeling a sense of self accomplishment; then why wouldn’t you do the one thing that allows you to feel all of the above and so much more, training regularly and consistently gives self fulfillment,self-satisfaction whilst strengthening your mind and body.
I’m a big believer in self-improvement, which starts with the determination to try. The rest of the journey is about habit, habits come from practise, practise comes from trying. I’ve not only changed my clients perception of their bodies, I’ve also assisted and helped them change their lifestyle preference. However don’t just take my word for it, please see what some of my clients have to say
in my testimonials section.

I am a fully qualified trainer, I studied with Premier Training International in 2008-2009

  • Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy
  • Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy
  • NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instruction
  • Certificate in nutrition Advice
  • Qualified first Aider
  • public liability insurance
  • YMCA Aquacise aerobics instructor
  • Life fitness Exercise to music level 2
  • Level 2 NVQ in customer service/ Ed-excel level 2 BTEC award in customer service

I am a Sponsored Athlete for Gaspari Nutrition Supplements,which I have had the pleasure of being featured in Magazines advertising their supplements.

I am also sponsored by BulletProof Gymwear; they provide me with great quality clothing which I am able to wear during my training .Please feel free to visit www.bulletproofgymwear.com my Discount Code is SADIE1


  • Featured fitness model, For Gaspari nutrition supplements.
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  • Testimonials..

    Sadie has literally transformed me not only body-wise, but more importantly my outlook and attitude towards fitness and nutrition. She has really changed my life.

    I never enjoyed exercise until I met Sadie but she’s actually managed to make even 6.30am training sessions fun and challenging!

    One of the most important things for me is how invested Sadie is in her clients, she will send me training plans, nutrition guides, information on supplements and food ideas outside of training hours. And I know that Sadie is never satisfied until she knows that she’s getting results. For example, she is constantly adapting her training plan for me, the more and more she gets to know how I progress and how my body works. Sadie is always thinking about her clients and she has become a friend as well as my trainer!

    I am amazed by the progress that I’ve seen with Sadie. She has pushed me to levels that I would never have believed I could achieve. I came into these sessions skinny but with almost no muscle mass. Now I’m stronger, more confident and actually have shape! That’s all down to Sadie not only helping me train, but also helping me to achieve results by guiding me on how I should be feeding my body to get the optimal results. I would never have thought that, at just over 50kg, I could end up deadlifting 70kg after less than a year!

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    Sonal Gangadia

  • Testimonials..

    In September 2015 I was severely overweight and diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Things were not looking positive.

    I can not exactly remember how i came across Sadie, but from the inspirational posts she wrote on Instagram I knew she was the one who would be able to turn my life around. In only a very short period of time I have lost over 15kg and now no longer classed as pre-diabetic. To me there are no words to describe what Sadie has done for me. Personal Trainer is not what she is to me, she is genuinely a life transformer. I still have a long way to go on my journey and without Sadie I would not be getting the results I am now.

    Like I said, with Sadie you don’t feel like you are hiring a personal trainer, it feels like so much more. The supportive texts, phone calls tailor made diet plans and her overall beaming personality makes me feel that I have the best personal trainer! Someone who is able to truly understand me and change a life long habit of binge eating and work with me in a unique and understanding way is rare to find! I feel not only have I got the best personal trainer but someone I now see as a friend.

    Your head must be really big tonight with all this gushing testimonials HAHA! 😉

    If you’d like me to add more let me know but Sadie you ROCK, you can use that one too 😉

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    Peter Kalinauckas

  • Testimonials..

    My first thoughts on Sadie Gibbs were woahhhh…If only I could look like that : ) as I scurried out of the changing rooms one day, this was my first day back at the gym after what seemed like a decade but was actually just 6 months.

    Over my next few visits I saw more and more of how Sadie trains her clients and effortlessly makes them feel motivated, supported and all with a smile, I knew then I had to ask her to train me.

    Straightaway Sadie used her amazing ability and techniques to focus on exactly how to strengthen and tone my body, she provides me with the perfect amount of ‘push’ and motivation to get through my reps and circuit. She studies my formation and provides diagnostics which helps me to understand and improve my posture inside and outside of the gym, this is an added quality of service I have never received from a PT or instructor throughout my experience in fitness.

    What more could a girl ask for…. Well I can honestly say thanks to Sadie I look and feel stronger, I feel much more confident, consistently motivated and challenged even when I think I can do no more, Sadie knows I can and will get it out of me and she does all this and more with a smile : ) making each session a pleasure and I feel an eagerness to continue and improve.

    Sadie you’re an amazing trainer and person ..thank you for everything I’m so glad I plucked up the courage to ask for your help : )

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    Keesha Thompson

  • Testimonials..

    Sadie Gibbs Personal Trainer

    I couldn’t recommend Sadie enough as a personal trainer. I came to Sadie about 1 year ago having had previous personal trainers who I considered to be extremely competent.

    When I met with Sadie, I didn’t know if she would be as good, let alone better than my previous trainer. How wrong I was! Sadie took time to understand why I wanted to be trained and as I have some long standing sporting injuries, how she would manage those within my programme. She filled me with confidence immediately in our initial assessment.

    The training on the other hand is a different matter. Within the first few sessions I realised she completely understood my requirements and the initial programmes set about building core strength to ensure that I not only built stamina but strengthened my injury affected areas (lower back).

    One of the things that I find very professional about Sadie’s approach is the ability to constantly have a tailored programme for me, which she has alternated and developed as she’s trained me. This means my body never gets used to any set of exercises and so I have seen great results in my physical appearance (better than any trainer before), fitness and general well being.

    Sadie is in the early stages of her career, but don’t let this be a deterrent. She is by far the best personal trainer that I have had over my 5 years of training. I hope she is able to train me for years to come.

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    Chris Geogre

  • Testimonials..

    I started training well after the age of 50 and was terrified of the gym, but Sadie Gibbs is an excellent instructor and reads people well. She recognises I’m more of a carrot person than a stick person. She’s always helps me achieve more than I think I can do and I look ten years younger than when I started. My outlook on life is more positive, more energised and I am happier. The fact that I’m fitter and stronger and in the best shape of my life is almost secondary to the mental and emotional benefits of training with Sadie. She is professional, a great motivator and her sessions are hard work and enormously rewarding. This isn’t like PE at school, you achieve something with every session and feel encouraged from the very first time, if you are new to fitness. And if you are an experienced athlete and training person, Sadie will help you set and achieve your goals. You get 100 per cent attention and energy from her, you will do extraordinary things.

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    Julia Chamberalain

  • Sadie Gibbs has been my personal trainer at Soho Gyms, Borough from May 2012 to the present day. During that time I have seen her for 2 one-hour sessions a week on average.

    She was recommended to me when I joined the gym as I was recovering from a serious injury that affected use of my left arm as well as the balance and strength in the legs and core. Without Sadie I would never have recovered to the extent I have and hence I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone as a personal trainer

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    Anil Patel